A warm welcome from Gopal Manandhar and his Sons to our family restaurant

the Great Nepalese Restaurant

I, Gopal, began my 62 years long career in catering at the age of 12, in Kathmandu, on becoming the main breadwinner in my family. I worked in restaurants and hotels for many years and this gave me valuable experience. In 1971 I took the opportunity to come to London and worked in local restaurants. In 1978, I and a business partner opened The Gurkha Restaurant in Warren Street. Eventually, in 1980 my family were able to join me.

In 1982 I opened The Great Nepalese, my own family restaurant, which I run with my sons. It is the only Nepalese restaurant in Central London specialising in traditional Nepalese cuisine. Our recipes have been handed down in the family and it was my wife, Renu, who first taught the chefs what ingredients and mix of spices to use and how the different dishes should be cooked.

Our menu offers a large variety of dishes. If these are new to you, we would recommend that you order a starter and a main dish. For your starter, try our home made Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable Momos; Chicken or Mutton Choyala; Masco Bara. For your main dish try Khursani, Thon, Bhutuwa, Kalo Dall, Aloo Bodi Tama, Fresh Sag with Naan Bread and Rice.

To finish off – a Nepalese pudding speciality / a Nepalese brandy

We hope you enjoy your meal.